Goss, G., Evans, E., Rooney, A., Variations in Mid-Pleistocene glacial-interglacial cycles: insights from osmium
isotopes, (in prep)
Goss, G., Best, J., Shugar, D., Glacier retreat and fluvial landscape response, (in prep)
Goss, G. (2021). Glacier retreat and fluvial landscape response. [Master's Thesis, University of Calgary]. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.15931.49446

Posters and Presentations
A New Osmium Isotope Record of Glacial-Interglacial Weathering Response Across the Pleistocene, G. Goss, A. Rooney, GSA 2022 (Talk Abstract #256-10)
Denton, Andrews, Porter Glacial Geology Award: Fluvial response to climate change induced stream capture, Yukon, Canada, G. Goss, D. Shugar, J. Best, GSA 2020 (Poster Abstract #355949)
Ground-Penetrating Radar Ice Thickness Survey of Mathes, Llewellyn, and Tulsequah Glaciers on the Juneau Icefield, Alaska, and Canada, C Barnett, SW Campbell, MJ Borreggine, G Goss, I Henzmann, R Miller, LM Kaluzienski, AGU 2018 (Poster Abstract #C51F-1123)
Social Media Outreach Coordinated across a Multinational Polar Research Project, A. Stroeven J. Newall, J. Olofsson, I. Kinner, J. Spinolo, M. McGrath, G. Goss, L. Judy, S. Sams, C. Wilson, M. Stenberg de Serves, J. Bernales, D. Fabel, O. Fredin, N. Glasser, J. Harbor, N. Lifton, I. Rogozhina, POLAR, SCAR/IASC 2018 (Talk Abstract #1668)

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